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Sunak claims ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China But Instead Signals More of the Same

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered a speech yesterday to the Lord Mayer’s Banquet outlining his foreign policy, in which he claimed he will have an ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China. The speech was [read more]


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China poses a threat to NATO's security, but is not considered by the alliance as an opponent - Jens Stoltenberg.

So Taiwan provocation off the table?

For at least the weekend?

So the GBP has risen 22% against Dollar in a matter of 10 weeks.

So if the GBP was on its knees, what does that now say about the dollar?

The point is as ever, forex markets are meaningless and bear no resemblance to reality.

US is in a proxy war with Russia and sought to destroy it, isolate it on a world stage and have Putin removed and people still believe Putin is part of some one world governance plan.

It's so ridiculous a 10 year old could see this was not reality.

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