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Open Letter To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Image: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dear Boris, The purpose of this open letter is to highlight the deficiencies of UK Government policy with respect to the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. It [read more]


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Wish had written this song. Very appropriate for times we live in currently.

Sentinels are watching
As the world closes its eyes
Dreams of a brighter tomorrow
Shines from your sacrifice
You'll never cross the river
If you're scared of getting wet

Vast majority of world sees very clearly collapse of the western empire. As ever those living in the midst of this collapse are largely oblivious because they are consumed by a chorus of detractors who are desperate to project their own flawed vision of the reality unfolding.

If Iran and Saudi Arabia were to achieve meaningful rapprochement, ME stability would improve immeasurably and very quickly. It will also sideline malign actors in the region.

Predictable weekend bitcoin pump and yet we are told its decentralised.

It is still all too easy to convince people of something.

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