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Open Letter To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Image: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dear Boris, The purpose of this open letter is to highlight the deficiencies of UK Government policy with respect to the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. It [read more]


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People believe the western green revolution is going to morph into a mechanism to control the world. Absolutely not the case.

All it will do is accelerate the collapse of the western empire.

It's ironic that we are now being told that covid symptoms are a sore throat and runny nose.

Appears covid has now morphed into something akin to the common cold which is what could have been expected to be the eventual outcome, from day one.

West solution to 2008 was to implement QE and ZIRP until they could normalise interest rates. This was never attainable.

Have now run out of road and have nowhere left to go. Whatever they do accelerates their collapse and the end of their empire.

We forecast this years ago

A decade ago I had a conversation where it was to said to me the day will come when western governments will push their people to breaking point and then implosion will happen.

We do have a very different perspective than the vast majority but our track record of being correct about many things proves it is with good reason and surely is the only thing that matters?

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