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Yes, we are fully aware that Foxconn protests were not about covid and that there will be attempts to fan the flames of legitimate covid protests and grievances by the west.

We have spent 20 years warning about western nonsense wrt China.

China's zero covid policy is ridiculous because it is totally unsustainable. Ask yourself, when does it ever end?

When covid ends?

Only that is the point it won't.

The survival of the Beijing government depends on the support of the people.

If you don't understand that or agree with that then you don't understand China at all.

We have said for a long time, China's zero covid policy is ridiculous. We have also said when Chinese people don't like something they will protest. That is now happening. It should also be a lesson to westerners about the reality of life in China.

Taiwanese mid terms elections were a firm rejection of Taiwanese independence from China.

So much for western claims that the Taiwanese people oppose China.

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