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Open Letter To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Image: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dear Boris, The purpose of this open letter is to highlight the deficiencies of UK Government policy with respect to the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. It [read more]


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After today's press conference debacle it should be clear to everyone that the UK government is utterly incompetent and moronic when it comes to covid policy. It is obvious they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

China has not destroyed US and dollar. It has been completely self-inflicted due to US's endless abuse in having the world's reserve currency via regime change, assassinations, wars, sanctions, economic and societal destruction, grand larceny, intimidation and death.

It is hilarious and ridiculous to see westerners continually talk about China's strategy being precisely the same as the deranged naked emperor. For starters they haven't wasted trillions of dollars fighting insane and pointless wars.

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