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The Unstoppable Paradigm Shift

by Lisa in Analysis & Opinion 8

Many of our readers know that we have often made reference to a “paradigm shift” – a global shift towards a more harmonious, more peaceful multipolar world. A world where no one nation or a [read more]


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It appears that @RishiSunak, is looking at short term measures whilst not addressing fundamental issues going back decades. You need a solid manufacturing base which provides exports to the rest of the world, food security, innovation, investment in the future etc etc

Social media has inspired people who have little or no understanding of a subject or discipline to look for like minded souls to form collectives to justify and vindicate their ignorance.

So @BorisJohnson and @DominicRaab it appears you will be remembered as the government which walked the UK in spectacular failure into the abyss, hand in hand with US

You couldn't be any further on the wrong side of history if you tried

Given UK universities are less about education and more about being profitable businesses, wait until inevitable need for government bailouts for certain institutions.

Education is the bedrock for the future prosperity of a nation. Should be a fundamental investment.

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