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Sunak claims ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China But Instead Signals More of the Same

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered a speech yesterday to the Lord Mayer’s Banquet outlining his foreign policy, in which he claimed he will have an ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China. The speech was [read more]


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Didn't someone explain this to Sunak?

Clearly he didn't comprehend the blindingly obvious.

Total pulls investment from North Sea in response to Sunak’s windfall tax

If you genuinely believe the Bitcoin network can't be hacked or doesn't potentially have a backdoor entry then you are being naive.

There is nothing on this planet that can't be hacked. Don't confuse perceived difficulty for impossibility.

Anything which requires a form of electrical supply and has login/network credentials can be hacked, stolen, corrupted, destroyed or compromised.

Physical ownership has very obvious and significant advantages over "digital" assets.

Europe is pretending it doesn't have energy problems by seeking to significantly reduce residential and commercial/industrial usage and claiming that everything is operating normally.


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