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Sunak claims ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China But Instead Signals More of the Same

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered a speech yesterday to the Lord Mayer’s Banquet outlining his foreign policy, in which he claimed he will have an ‘evolutionary’ approach to Russia and China. The speech was [read more]


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Not that recent weeks is something to get carried away with, but there are tentative indications that people are finally realising that current interest rates are an irrelevant consideration when it comes to now owning gold and by extension silver.

Incredible song from an incredible album released in 1992, Saw Tori in a venue with about 50 people promoting the Little Earthquakes album back then, the energy and intensity was offscale.

Oh and the fed increased interest rates by 25bp.

Paris talking tough wrt US:

Europe must defend its industry in the face of the US Inflation Reduction Act.

France might wish to start by importing cheap Russian gas for starters.

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